Are you still single? The most beautiful ladies from odessa want to date!


Beauty and femininity of Odessa girls haunt billions of men of various nationalities and various beliefs. Odessa girls’ images are the same diverse as the national coloring of the South of Ukraine: more than 30 nationalities, women that absorbed culture of the East and the West. This genofond explains a unique beauty of local ladies. The majority of Odessa girls have a mixed appearance type. They have large faces, dark eyes. Mainly they are brunettes with olive skin and delicate features. Certainly, one can come across blondes with grey eyes and round faces. They have an approximately equal height. A certain massiveness of constitution is present, but it doesn’t make the girls chubby. It only emphasizes their forms. >
However, southern girls are different with not their appearance only. They have expressive moves, and are self-assured. People from the Southern Palmira are usually ambitious and purposeful, not depending if they make efforts for self-development or not. They lead an active way of life and are usually more relaxed and even risky in their choice of various spheres of activity.

Specialists explain it in the following way: the thing is in blood mix again. Blood of eastern conquerors and western blood.
Leaving her home for a supermarket, work or on a visit, every woman from Odessa decides to dress like for the first date! This is what they are different from citizens of other cities. Despite their affairs in the city and that fact that it can be just a business meeting or a meeting with a friend, Odessa beauties always try to look billion dollars.

Heat and absence of places in public transport for them is not a reason to refuse their beloved heels. One can see girls wearing heels on our uneven roads not only early in the morning, but late night as well. It surprises European men very much about it.
An Odessa women quick on the uptake. She didn’t read much in her childhood, but she knows much and is ready to become an initiator of any talk, express her opinion about a problem she seems to know nothing about. At work as well as in her relations with an opposite sex she is not afraid of taking reins.
More and more often Ukrainian girls marry foreigners, and brides from Odessa are not an exclusion in this case. Our ladies dream of a better life, love, faithfulness, and respect, and foreign men turn to dating agencies in search of good odessa wives. Read here how their relationships develop, what is the charm of such acquaintances and how a local dating agency helps Odessa girls find their happiness.