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Odessa travel map the main sights of the city

Odessa is one of the most picturesque cities in Ukraine. Odessa itself is a sight, but be sure to visit the famous Privoz and Deribasovskaya, the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre (the second most beautiful in Europe) and Potemkin Stairs (the largest in the country), the monuments, "Belt of Glory" at the borderline of the defense of Odessa, a hospital, Sea front and a semi-circular area (1826, 1829). Rishele with the monument, Palaces Vorontsov, and Potocki Naryshkina, Assumption Cathedral (1824) and Theological Seminary and the Old Exchange, the Odessa Sea Port (the largest on the Black Sea), etc . no less interest are the charming streets, Pushkinskaya Rishelyevskaya Lanzheronovskaya, famous Moldavanka, a unique complex of underground workings ("Odessa Metro"), the ruins of the Turkish fortress in the Park of Taras Shevchenko, the church of St. Mary Magdalene, as well as first-class museums - Archaeological (a rich collection of Egyptian, Scythian and antiquities), the Art Museum of the Navy, Literature, Museum of Western and Oriental art, historical and regional studies, literary-memorial museum of Alexander Pushkin and others. All these sight can be viewed at from the Odessa map. This Odessa map can be purchased virtually in any of the shop.

In Odessa, there is the famous Potemkin Steps, which has 192 steps. His Serene Highness Prince Vorontsov, presented his wife Elizabeth, these steps and it cost the city 800 thousand rubles. In Soviet times, the steps were renamed in memory of the uprising on the battleship "Potemkin" in 1905 (before the revolution known as the Richelieu - as at its beginning a monument to Count (Duke) de Richelieu - the founder of the city). The construction of this giant staircase was begun in 1837 and completed in 1841. The author of the project was the architect F. Boffo, who elaborated on the proportions of buildings.

Arriving at the port and climbed the stairs to the Potemkin, you will go on Primorsky Boulevard - the most beautiful in the city (Just to the north-east of the port, see Odessa map for reference). From this panorama you will see the port. All along the boulevard stretch beautiful architectural ensembles, but here, near one of the most beautiful buildings in Odessa you will see a statue of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The sea front is a favorite walking place of citizens and visitors. An extensive array is the Central Park of Culture and Rest. The park is a monument to the Unknown Sailor. Eternally burning fire at its foot reminds people about the great feat of the defenders of Odessa.

Not less attraction in the city is the main street Deribasovskaya, named in honor of the first mayor of Osip Deribas. Most of the streets are pedestrian area and together with the adjoining city garden is one of the most popular places for walks and recreation of residents and visitors alike.

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