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The owners of Club "Yo" prefer to free themselves from the conventional framework and communication styles of other clubs. They believe that guests of the club facilities can enter at any rank, age or other conventions. But there is one big "certainty" at this club! They have a good mood, music, delicious food and attitude towards everyone! And also toward the youth, even if you are under 18! The facility combines the bowling club "7 stars", a disco-bar "Yo!" and the restaurant-lounge, "Fourth floor." On the first floor there are eight comfortable "American" bowling alleys.
The complex covers an area of about 7 thousand square meters and is able to accommodate up to two thousand guests. One of the rules of the club is: do not limit yourself to choosing the right people. Nevertheless, the public, "Yo!" is always stylish and bright. Club days in "Yo!" are Friday and Saturday. The club starts from 21:00 and the rest rooms are available during the day.
The main dance floor of the club's preferred musical styles are techno and house. It is here that the speakers sound the freshest and most trend-sets from European clubs. The disco bar, which is separate from the main dance floor, will return you to the rosy euphoria of the 80's and give a light feeling of nostalgia.
The cocktail lounge always has pleasant ambient music or live performers. Its comfortable furniture, large plasma screens, 14 KW sound and the most modern equipment will allow you to get the most out of your vacation.



"PALLADIUM" is considered one of the best clubs not only in Odessa, but the whole South of Ukraine. The unconventional design (both outside and inside), which combines classic and contemporary trends in architectural and interior design solutions, complete with high quality professional equipment of the world's leading manufacturers puts Odessa nightclub "PALLADIUM" in line with the most fashionable European discos and 4 star hotel Palladium. Proven in large installations (nightclub Syndicate, England) speakers of OHM (UK) were used to create high-quality club sound systems (TRS and BR series). "PALLADIUM", which combines advanced technology professional equipment and imaginative design solutions is an outstanding representative of club life in Ukraine. Club "Palladium" is by far the most popular and most visited nightlife. Every day people come to us to rest from 400 up to 2,000 people. Every weekend we offer our guests the best live show in Ukraine and Russia. The pride of the club is to own an exclusive show.



That Evening Odessa is not similar to any other club, we see barely crossed the threshold.
Cozy rooms are hidden from the hustle of the city; there are no windows and in the morning until late at night you are met by soft light bulbs. The space of the club consists of several zones in which you can choose each by your own taste. Stylish interior and soft cushions of the zone give the club an especially welcoming atmosphere.
However, not many clubs can boast such comfort. The main feature of Evening Odessa is that the entire interior are all subject to the same amendments, additions and ideas, which provides maxium comfort for the room. Now the Vechernya Odessa interior, which is the interior of a luxurious ocean liner. It has all the ship's attribute's, such as rescue boats and portholes. The ship's bell is hanging at the bar and its ringing heralds the onset of happy hour, life preservers hang on the walls and here you will not be threatened by drowning.
Everything is sound and natural. The atmosphere is light and gives a feeling of carefree relaxation; the feeling of serenity reigning here will help you escape the bustle of the big city.