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Kiev is a European capital where life never stops. Night clubs, cafes, bars are scattered through the whole city. In any district you can find something interesting. In the megapolis many entertaining complexes where there are all conditions for a sound night life have appeared: a karaoke bar, a hookah lounge, billiards, dance floors and even professional stages with a high-quality acoustics. The most expensive and exclusive establishments are in the center.

In Kiev one can find VIP-clubs and quite democratic establishments. The range if places where one can have a good time is quite wide:
- Beer restaurants and pubs;
- Art clubs;
- Sport bars;
- Entertainment complexes with their own concert halls, panorama views of Kiev, and professional DJs.

There is nothing duller than to stay in a hotel. Any guest will achieve a wished aim in Kiev – from a lounge bar to a striptease. Night city calls to dive into a cheerful and reckless atmosphere, cheer up with drive and energy. Play bowling, watch a bright professional show and just drink not expensive beer – the atmosphere of Kiev bars and discos invite to both active rest and relax in camera environment.

Music to any taste
The best musicians from all parts of the country come to Kiev. One can listen to live jazz, rock, and pop music on a music venue or just open-air. Respectable clubs invite popular performers and stars from outside to have the floor. Such concerts in the city’s establishments are usual.

For European cuisine admirers
Lovers of a late dinner won’t stay hungry – nearly all night establishments are oriented for European cuisine. If you are lucky you can come across Japanese and Chinese delicatessens, but rarer. Ukrainians consider their dishes the best, that’s why they dislike competition.

Small limitations
Night life of the Ukrainian capital means a full assortment of entertainments but one. Gambling and casinos are illegal in Ukraine.

Alcohol is accessible but it isn’t a goal of itself for Kiev citizens. That’s why citizens of the capital get energy from music, communication, dancing, and flirtation with beauties to whom as it is said there are no equals in whole Europe. It will be easier to understand Ukrainians if to join the big company.
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