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Hardly anyone would argue with the view that "Ibiza" in Arcadia is one of the most popular clubs in Odessa. This institution combines disco, a restaurant and a concert venue. Every week they have concerts of famous bands and performers. They have good food and a great selection of drinks. Typically, visitors to the club reserve tables in advance, but even if you did not do not worry. There is almost always a table available on the dance floor if you want one. The interior of the club is shrouded primarily in light colors and the architecture is dominated by soft rounded shapes. The construction has two floors and holds a sufficient number of people.
It is located on one of the liveliest and most picturesque corners of Odessa, the club is very popular as for local residents as well as the guests of the city. The interior of the club is made in full harmony with the surrounding landscape. Getting to Ithaca it will be easy to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient islands, the entrance sign is made of old-style chipped columns, which alert the incoming of an ancient Greek warrior. The interior of the club resembles the ruins of Greek cities by the sea, the colonnade, sand-statues of ancient gods and ancient vases. Prices in the "Ithaca" are fully democratic, but the staff unfortunately is not always friendly.
A variety of domestic concert stars and guests from near and far abroad often come here. The club operates exclusively in the warm season which is from May to September. At other times you can meet perhaps only those who wanted to bask in the March sun or gaze at the gray autumn-winter sea.