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When Odessa is immersed in a velvet southern night in the city a completely different life begins. This life is like flashes of night discos that offer clubs of Odessa. It is reminiscent of streams of neon, flocking, like an electric current through the wires in the nightclubs in Odessa, where the fun often comes round the clock, and tired DJs are immediately replaced by new ones. Night life in Odessa excites and makes the blood boil, nostrils tremble while catching the scent of the sea, and excites the imagination of the beauty of dark-skinned Odessa ladies who have, as in all cities around the world, come to the disco in the night clubs of Odessa half-naked.
Night Clubs of Odessa are traditionally divided into the summer, winter and year-round. Summer (beach) clubs are located near the sea. If you're lucky and you stay in Odessa in the blessed summer season, sunbathe on the beach, you can immediately get into the maelstrom of club life.



Club life in Odessa, especially in the summers, is in full swing continuously. Well-known DJs in Europe and around the world come to Southern Palmyra constantly, and the dance culture is developed better than the European one. Mostly the summer clubs are located in Arcadia. This is useful because, once here, you can choose a club for every taste, depending on the music you like. Or make a marathon of ten of clubs at once.
One of the most popular destinations, "Ibiza", can be found right in the heart of Arcadia. This lily-white club took its name from the world capital of clubbing, the island of Ibiza. The Club name is consistent. In summer you do not hustle, well-known DJs and pop stars gather crowds. At the disco you can listen to only the most fashionable music. The entrance is 50-100 UAH.
The "Itaka" club is in the Greek style, which is more conservative, there are frequent concerts of pop stars, and most pop music sounds. The entrance is 60-80 grn.
"Amnesia" (right wing of Arcadia) is a trendy club for young people, who love to dance. There is a widely presented range of advanced dance music; house, acid house, and acid techno. However, other beaches are also not far behind, and nightclubs are not only in Arcadia.
Ostrow (Otrada beach) is a Club Beach Resort Treasure Island. It is very popular among the youth of Odessa and guests, and for fans of culture Kazantip is just what you need. It has the sounds of house, psychodelic trance, and rhythm & blues. Entrance to the region is 50 grn.
The Club Taboo on the Dolphin beach has positioned itself as a dance club. Here you can dance to techno, tech-house, and house by a variety of themed parties. They have professional DJs and guest stars of European dance floors.


If you want to relax in the club after exploring the sights of Odessa, the center of the sufficiently open year-round clubs are for all ages and wallets. Captain Morgan at Zhukovsky Street, 30 is one of the longest running and most popular clubs in Odessa. The advanced youth are welcomed here. It consists of two floors, a large dance floor and a special atmosphere.
Entrance is 40-60 grn and women can usually enter free. During the club days there are famous guest DJs working non-stop. Captain Morgan operates non-stop.
Euro compares favorably with other clubs in its location right in the center at the corner of Ekaterinenskaya and Lanzheronovskaya Streets, very close to Deribasovskaya Streetand other attractions.
It is considered a VIP-club. The essential difference between Euro is that entrance is free, following the example of the leading clubs in the world.
However, it has a downside, entrance to the club can restrict your access if they have any doubt about you. In the Euro there are several thematic schools; "Euro Party Club", "Shisha Bar", and "Love Cafe". Euro Party Club runs every Friday and Saturday from 22.00 to 06.00. It has several dance floors. On the main stage, "Party Club" has music in the house style. For a more conservative audience the dance floor "Nostalgia" has 80's disco. For lovers of calm relaxation, "shisha bars", where you can enjoy a hookah with different flavors, oriental sweets and watch a belly dance and more.
And if you want a sharp erotic experience then "X-Club" is for you. It is far from the center, but it is possible to see a striptease non-stop every night. Also, the club is known for a large aquarium, where after midnight, there is an erotic water show.

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If Odessa can be easily called the epicenter of Ukraine’s night life in summer, the winter capital of club life if surely Kiev. The capital of Ukraine is one of the most popular places for European young people as pompous night life gives unforgettable impressions and memories